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Decision time! Every vote counts

Tomorrow (Saturday 2 July) we have the chance to boost the state wide Greens vote and hopefully get Newcastle local Michael Osborne elected to the Senate alongside Lee Rhiannon. A strong vote for John Brown in Paterson will also send a message and could determine whether we have a Labor or Liberal MP for the next term.

Its not too late to help – we need extra help to ensure we can get our message over to voters at all polling booths (between 8am and 6pm).  Please contact us today if you can spare an hour or two to handout our ‘How to vote Greens’ flyers.

Nigel Waters 0407 230 342 nigel@portstephensgreens.org.au

Liz Stephens 0422 144 441 pt_stephensgreens@bigpond.com

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