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Election over, but important issues remain!

2016 election stall_1  In the federal election in July, the Greens managed to hold our vote close to previous levels in the face of many more options for those disillusioned with the old main parties. Locally we held our own in Paterson with our excellent candidate John Brown gaining 5.7% of the primary vote, and our voters preferences helped Labor to take the seat from the Liberals with a major swing.  Disappointingly, there was a big vote for the Pauline Hanson One Nation party and other conservatives, although voters may not necessarily agree with the more reactionary views of these parties, but just be wanting to send a message about the failure of political elites to address real concerns. Our challenge is to persuade many of these people, as well as progressive Labor and Liberal voters, that the Greens offer real practical solutions.

Local elections

While we wait for the NSW government to announce its intentions about the future of Port Stephens Council (a merger with Newcastle seems the most likely), we will not have Council elections in September.  But other Hunter Councils do, and Port Stephens Greens will be helping Cessnock/Kurri Greens with the Cessnock election on 10 September.  Offers of help to hand out ‘How to vote’ information at pre-poll from 29 August and on election day will be gratefully received.

Local Issues

Continuing local issues include the Williamtown contamination, where Senator Lee Rhiannon and NSW MLC Mehreen Faruqi have been helping to hold the relevant authorities to account and achieve meaningful action to assist the hundreds of affected families.

Post election social 2016_1

Port Stephens Greens remain active on a wide range of other local, state and federal issues, and we meet regularly in various locations, including for social events.

We would like to hear from you!  Contact us:

Nigel Waters 0407 230 342 nigel@portstephensgreens.org.au

Liz Stephens 0422 144 441 pt_stephensgreens@bigpond.com

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