A Branch of the NSW Greens

Building for the future

Port Stephens Greens are focussing in the second half of 2015 on building capacity in the area to present a Greens alternative at all levels of government.

Greens members in the State and Federal Parliaments have been able to stop some of the excesses of the major parties.  Greens are the only party to stand firm on principles across the board of issues from a responsible approach to the environment and climate change, through protection of education health and welfare to compassionate treatment to asylum seekers.  We also stand against the corruption in politics and for greater transparency, accountability and community participation.

Join us in offering Port Stephens a better vision for a clean, green future.

State Election 2015

Port Stephens Greens candidate Rochelle Flood polled over 6% of the vote in Port Stephens in the State election on 28 March 2015. Greens preferences helped Kate Washington, a progressive Labor candidate, win the seat from the Liberals.

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